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I have been involved with Eat Real from the early beginnings, when they were serving Paleo inspired meals out of a food van, three years ago.  I wanted to be involved in the business from the beginning because I believed in the business vision and excited to be working with someone who is passionate about life and the community.  My name is Eva Biggs and my role with Eat Real is to grow the business and provide everyone the opportunity to eat healthier by making our brand known Australia wide.

Elsa and I share very similar values in life and in business.  One thing we are passionate about is giving back to the community.  I too have been in a situation where my family and I had to call upon the community, in this case Ronald Macdonald, when my youngest son, Wade was born 3 months early.  Here I got to experience first-hand the great work the charity organisation does.  It was a very emotional experience for the family, not sure whether our son was going to survive been born severely premature, at a staggering weight of 980g. Wade was in intensive care for 2 months then transferred to the Neonatal unit for another month.  My husband continued working at the cattle station 4 hours away from Townsville while I stayed in at Ronald MacDonald Townsville for 3 months.  I have a wonderful step son who took time off work from the property and helped me with my other son, Luke, who was 2 years old at that time.  To see a 17-year-old young man changing nappies, reading bed time stories to a 2-year-old, and to help me do cares with wade at the hospital, and just been there is special.  It brought our family closer, rather than tearing us apart.

Seeing the people behind Ronald MacDonald and the doctors and nurses at the Neonatal Unit in Townsville, left an impression in my heart.  I remember saying to myself that one day when the storm calms, I will give back to the community.  I want to stay true with my promise, I want to give back to the community, not only by donation but raising awareness and by been involved in events.

I started cycling 4 months ago, and recently completed the 100km Brissie to Bay bike event over the weekend.  This event is to raise money and awareness for MS. What an incredible journey to be part of, not just to turn up and complete the event, but to truly understand how crippling this disease.  I recall riding pass a couple with a dual bike, it was evident the lady had MS, and I think might have been her husband riding with her.  They gave me thumbs up and I was quite emotional seeing that, thinking how lucky I am my family and friend are not struck by this horrific disease.  I may not have been the fastest rider on the day but it’s not about that, it’s about bringing the community together and providing change and supporting one another, as I too have been in that similar situation where you feel “stuck” emotionally and financially.

I plan to continue competing in events, so please watch this space as I will provide links where you can donate.  Let’s empower one another and make a difference in our community.

Next Event: Tour de Logan, 100km, July 31st

Welcomes you to its official charity fundraising page in partnership with Diabetes Queensland. With more than 210,000 Queenslanders living with diabetes, you can help make a difference by fundraising for Diabetes Queensland so we can continue to provide excellent care for people living with all types of diabetes.

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