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2020 what a YEAR… to be honest with you it forced me to put those changes that l have been wanting to do on speed dial l had nothing to lose. I was on the verge of losing everything.

When Covid came, l felt it was my sign to bow out, a ticket to say I’m DONE. An opportunity for me to go back to a job l also loved and get paid and to spend more time being a mum and wife.

This was a very uncertain time for me and my family as Theo has been the main income earner and he also faced losing his job, at that time he looked at me and said, “Maybe this is your time to finish!”.

Not long ago l sat in front of my husband broken, exhausted and l have been crying my eyes out saying l couldn’t hack my business anymore, I was sick of feeling anxious about it every day and starting to feel resentful. It was because of my staff and the work we did that kept my doors opened but it took a toll on me.

Theo just looked at me and not often he will give me advice (mainly because lm stubborn and don’t listen) and said….“Don’t leave because of circumstances but leave on your own terms and when you’re ready to bow out”.

2 months later those words came back to me when facing COVID and it was the one thing that saved my business. I knew that l had to at least try and keep my business going. I can now stand back and say l am incredibly proud of our business and what we have been able to achieve in this hard time. So many things were birth: projects/ programs/ new line of online meals was created and even our heart capacity just got bigger to give.

During those times we have helped and promoted other businesses in the food industry.

We prayed and wept for those who lost theirs too. We have fed countless family/individuals/communities healthy meals.

We have created a mentoring session for all kinds of people to spend some time with us learning new skills or just to be surrounded with acceptance/ safe environment.

We employed two more staff and have taken on 2 more work experience staff and we have been able to reach out and listen to those in need.

We also started a new business ‘Elevation Care”. Working and supporting people with disability to raise up out of their circumstances and to have the opportunity to make real positive life changes and to be accountable.

I am incredibly grateful to my wonderful husband who is the most patient/ loving/ supportive and who isn’t afraid to be challenged. I am thankful to all my staff/ crew who gives such dedication and love and l love seeing them all grow.

Most important Thank you to all my customers and supporters who are all part of our journey without your Business EAT REAL wouldn’t exist and we wouldn’t be able to make those positive changes in our community.

Thank you from my bottom of my heart.

Elsa Comino
Founder of Eat Real
‘Making positive change one bite at a time’

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