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I am really driven to make our mid-week special meals available each week every week. We dropped our price so affordable at $8 p/meals so that everyone has the opportunity to eat real home cook meals that also nourish our community.

We are able to open our kitchen for mentoring session/ place for those who are wanting to learn new skills or simply to be away from their own environment and to feel safe and valued.

I love our Eat Real family every single person involve works super hard but they also have fun and anyone that join us are welcome with open arms no judgement. ‘Come as you are’

Every now and then you get reminded of The Whys.

A few nights ago l was dropping off one a young man (who got connected with my business) who had recently got out of rehab and spent all his life struggling to be in society. He told he came from a broken family and home and that as young as 7 he already knew the cruelty of the world.

He also shared with me how he recently wanted to end his life as he felt really angry, disappointed and really crushed with the latest circumstances because of his life choices and how hard it was for him to turn his life around.

So l shared my story and he was surprised and quiet he really couldn’t believe that l would know how it would it feel. l said “I turn my life around because l decided l was worth fighting and as an adult l have choices but along the way, l met a couple of people who made me feel like l mattered enough for them to take some time out for me. That l actually mattered.

As l dropped him home l thank him and how much we really appreciate his time and help. I believe that when people feel valued and appreciate they naturally want to change.

This is what Eat Real represent our business is in the business to make change one bite at a time. Food is a universal language that can break down barriers and nourishes the soul.

Thank you to all our supports who are loving our mid-week meals so many awesome feedback and it’s so great to hear now that it has become a family favourite and saving lots of precious time.

We are currently building a new mid-week online ordering system to make it a lot easier for everyone including us. So for now we will still advertise our mid-week full menu on Facebook.

We Look forward to cooking for you all.

~ Elsa Comino

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