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We are very proud and excited to have introduced a new disability training program at Eat Real. This program provides participants with the opportunity to learn new skills and connect with new people, through a work placement and experience program. This complements our vision of bringing change to people’s lives. We’re all about real people, real food and real opportunities.

Elsa Comino

Before Eat Real, Elsa was a Disability Support Worker. She’s excited to reconnect with this field, supporting students and adults to be involved with community and learn new skills. Providing real work experience, fostering new skills and confidence.

Trinity Bay High School

Connecting with contacts at Trinity Bay to provide work experience for 3 deaf students in grade 11/12. Giving them confidence and teaching them new skills. Rewarding for us all. Amazing to see them grow and shine.

APM Employment Service

Partnering with APM Employment Services, which are Australia’s largest contracted supplier of disability employment services to provide real world training and skills development opportunities.

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Eat Real's Disability Training Program

Eat Real’s founder and director, Elsa Comino, used to be a Disability Support Worker, a role she occupied for over 5 years. As much as she found this time personally enriching, she was also frustrated by the lack of real world work and community engagement opportunities available for her clients. This is something she is excited and proud to address, through Eat Real.

To get the process started, Elsa approached a contact at Trinity Bay High School to talk about possible work experience programs. The end result was placement of 3 deaf students, one who also had CP; these students have been working with Eat Real for a few weeks now. Not only have they learned new skills, but gained so much confidence and self-esteem. Following this, APM got in touch with Eat Real and we are now working with them too.

Elsa’s vision for this program is to build a Training Centre, where over a 6-12 month period we can train participants in all areas of hospitality, with a view to getting employment at the end. For more information, please contact us on 0416 229 412 or info@eatreal.net.au

Elsa's Journey and Vision

"I found a lot of my clients had the desire to gain some kind of work experience, of paid work, but were always told they either didn’t need to or weren’t capable of. I worked with 20’s, 30’s and 40 + yr olds, and what l saw was that once they get to the older age, they were not given the opportunity to explore the possibility of utilising their skills … I knew from working with them, that they were capable and that this opportunity would be so very beneficial and rewarding for them."

Elsa Comino

"I felt in order to change this, we had to start with the younger generation. We needed to change everyone’s perception of people with disability, showing they can have a positive impact in our community and that anything is possible if there was an OPPORTUNITY."

Elsa Comino

"To me that is the binding ingredient, OPPORTUNITY both equal of each side. Opportunity for people with a disability to have the same opportunity as an able person, but also for business the opportunity for them to learn, get great new skills. As in, how to be more effective in training, communicating and the ability to adapt; these are great skills for any business. – more can be read on our blog. "

Elsa Comino

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