Catering Platters

Pleased to offer the below selection of gourmet platters. Prices are calculated on a per person rate, with a minimum of twenty (20) people for catering purposes (smaller caterings available for an extra charge of $2.00pp). You can also add some additional items at extra cost, please email us with your request, we do customise catering platters to suit your needs (eg. gluten-free, vegetarian, vegan, paleo). Platters can be collected or delivered, chargers apply.

Assorted Sandwiches

Catering to all diets and requirements, including gluten free, dairy free and vegan. Fillings prepared fresh, using local produce wherever possible.

$10 per person + GST

Sandwiches & Wraps

Made fresh for your function and/or meeting. Can cater to a range of dietary requirements, including vegan, gluten and dairy free. Good to look at and eat.

$12.00 per person + GST

Gourmet Mixed Platter

Beautifully presented, individually prepared mini-wraps, gourmet rolls and sandwiches. Can cater to a range of dietary requirements, including vegan, gluten and dairy free.

$13.50 per person + GST

Sausage Rolls, Assorted Quiche & Mini Pies

Everyone’s favourite! Hand-made sausage rolls, assorted quiche and mini-pies, served warm with sauce. Perfect for all occasions, corporate or casual.

$10 per person + GST

Sweet & Savoury

Choose from 2 x savoury and 2 x sweets. Sausage roll, mini pie, zuchini slice, assorted quiche, ham and cheese criossant. Sweets: muffins, cakes, slices and fruits.

$12.50 per person + GST


Fresh, healthy and delicious. Includes cold meats, mixed grilled vegetables, olives, sundried tomato, vege sticks, homemade dips, crackers and cheese.

$13.50 per person + GST

Asian Lunch Box

Homemade sushi rolls (All gluten-free) to suit your diet and tastebuds. This lunch box includes 1 big sushi cone, 1 small sushi cone, 1 rice paper wrap and 1 dumpling. Quality, fresh ingredients including our own marinated meats, fresh salad and more (Vegan and vegetarian option available). Dipping sauce and ginger included.

$15 per person + GST

Asian Fusion

A combination of homemade sushi rolls and rice paper rolls. Fresh and delicious. Can cater to dairy-free, gluten-free and vegans. Comes with dipping sauce.

$12.50 per person + GST


"Eat Real catered for my small wedding last week. They did such an amazing job I want to give 10 stars! The food was incredibly indulgent & delicious and there was SO much of it for the price that we paid. The girls went over and above our expectations and even organised special platters and cutlery/plates/menus when we didn't ask or these things. I would recommend Eat Real to anyone & everyone. We will continue to be regular customers and thank you both so much."

Grace Ey

"Thank you so much for catering for my birthday party. Everyone was very impressed with the food you provided and they couldn’t stop talking about you and it. There was plenty to eat and my favourite part was that it was very healthy. Loved the Paleo dessert and thank you for my fruit cake. "


"Thanks so much for the amazing food on Saturday. All my guests were raving about the food and you made my night so much easier. Thanks again."


"I was tasked to arrange catering for my training group whilst in Cairns and contacted Eat Real to discuss my options as my group would be there for 2 weeks. Eva was very prompt and attentive to our needs and was able to devise an affordable yet high quality and professional meal service for our group. Each day had positive feedback for the quality and tastiness of the food. Special dietary requirements were also taken into consideration. The meals were delivered each day by Elsa who was also wonderful and made adjustments to the menu accordingly. I have already recommended Eat Real to others in my department as the contact when conducting business in Cairns."

Flora Chen

"I can't speak highly enough about the girls (and the food!) from Eat Real Cairns. Not only are these two of the most genuine people I have ever met, but their food is the sort of thing dreams are made of. We didn't want a carbon copy menu from any old catering company but we also didn't have the budget for silver spoon service. One meeting with these ladies and they totally got what we were after and the feel of our wedding. "If it was your last day on earth, what would you want to eat?" This is how our catering discussion started. Seriously, if their food was the last thing I had gotten to eat on this earth, I'd be pretty happy! My only complaint from this incredible feast they provided in the rain forest, was that being the bride I didn't get nearly enough time to eat it!! I loved the fact that everyone was completely blown away by the first three dishes that were served and this was only the entree!! By the time the mains all came out it was ridiculously extravagant. They listened to what we wanted and took it to a whole other level. If you have any reservations about using this company, please feel free to message me. They are amazing humans, and incredible caterers!! (I may be reliving the green Thai chicken curry a little right now.... wow!) Thank you, thank you, thank you! If I ever ditch this new husband of mine and get married again (no immediate plans, as I kinda like him!) then I'll be using these girls! "

Teresa Stephens - Owner / Director

Sample Menus ForSpecial Occasions

This Cairns healthy catering company can also come and prepare and/or deliver a range of meals and treats for special occasions, events and/or celebrations. Some examples of what we can provide is below, which can be presented on individual dishes or on platters. We’re happy to work with customers, creating a menu which suits your preferences and dietary requirements.

  • Mini Sliders. Signature grass-fed beef mince, Brioche bun , fresh lettuce, caramelized onion with BBQ sauce.
  • Veggie Boat #1. Mini vegetable stack on a bamboo stick with hummus dressing.
  • Veggie Boat #2. Salt and pepper Tofu with a fresh Asian salad.
  • Veggie Boat #3. Layered grilled vegetables stacked with a garden salad with homemade beetroot sauce.
  • Eat Real Boat #1. Rice paper wrap & sushi cone
  • Eat Real Boat #2. Roasted veggie salad with house aioli & marinated chicken thigh.
  • Paw paw Boat.  Paw paw salad & pork belly
  • Nachos. Mexican pulled pork with pineapple salsa and aioli. With or without cheese.
  • Mini Pullpork Burritos. Rice and black bean with pull pork and cheese
  • Bao Bun. Pulled Pork, cucumber & hoisin sauce/ Korean chicken & cucumber
  • Mini Asian Box.  Satay marinated chicken skewers with vegetable spring rolls
  • Mini Asian Boat. Marinated chicken/pork skewers and dumpling.

Other Menu Options

Prices are calculated on a per person rate, with a minimum of 15 people for catering purposes. Choose 1 item, $15.00pp | 2 items, $17.50pp | 3 items, $20pp (+GST). Add a Fruit platter: Small $35 | Medium $55 | Large $80 (+ GST). Serviette, plastic plates/bowls (50c pp). Platters can be collected or delivered, charges apply.

Salads: 2 options

Caeser Chicken Salad

Chicken breast with crispy bacon, cos lettuce, free range eggs, parmesan cheese and homemade aioli.

Nuts About Green

Broccoli, beans, brussel sprouts with peacan and raisins. Tastes as good as it looks.


Korean Beef Bowl

Rib fillet which has been marinated in Korean spice, cooked and cooled, served with fresh Asian salad.

Mexican Choices: 2 options

Large Burrito

Big soft tortilla filled with Cajun spiced rice, mix beans, sweet corn and cheese, you can choose between chicken or pulled pork.

Soft Tacos

Two soft tacos filled with mix greens and fresh slaw, served with shredded cheese, mayo and a meat of your choice.


Vegetarian & Vegan

Gourmet vegan or vegetarian falafel wraps filled with all the green goodies or an option of yummy salad bowls.

Eat Real Meal Packs

Making it easy to keep your event, conference and/or meeting delegates healthy and happy, Eat Real are pleased to offer a range of meal packs. Minimum order of 10. These need to be pre-ordered. Below are some of the Meal Packs we can provide, yes we can customise. Contact Eat Real with any enquiries on 0416 229 412 or

Kids Pack

1 x Sandwich
1 x Fruit
1 x Muffin/ Cake / Biscuit
1 x Natural Yoghurt

$12 + GST

Adult Pack #1

1 x Protein / Salad (Wrap)
2 x Snacks (Cakes/Muffin/Yoghurt)
1 x Fruit

$15 + GST

Adult Pack #2

1 x Chicken Caesar/Korean Beef Salad
2 x Snacks (Cakes/Muffin/Yoghurt)
1 x Fruit

$15 + GST

Breakfast Pack

1 x Bacon & Egg Roll / Croissant
1 x Fruit
1 x Natural Yoghurt

$12 + GST

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