Cairns Keto Food Dining & Meals

Cairns keto food, for dining and ready-made meals, is a specialty at Eat Real Cairns. We’re passionate about creating delicious meals, using fresh local ingredients, to fuel your body. All meals are created from scratch, which enables Eat Real Cairns to cater to a range of dietary intolerances, allergies and preferences. Our ready-made Cairns keto meals can be ordered online for pick-up or booked for catering.

Keto Ready-Made Meals

Cairns keto ready-made meals can be ordered weekly. We change our menu weekly to keep it interesting. Each meal is 350-600g, prepared fresh, ready to heat and eat. Made fresh and tastes amazing.

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Cairns Keto Catering, Fresh & Tasty

Eat Real Cairns provide Cairns keto catering to a range of sporting, community, corporate and private events. From a completely tailored menu, to platters, lunch packs and more. Fuel for your body.

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Fresh Food, Great Value

Our ethos at Eat Real Cairns is to provide fresh, delicious, healthy foods. All sauces, marinades and meals are fresh, not processed. This enables us to incorporate the substitutions needed for keto meals.

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Cairns Keto Diet & Eating Made Easy At Eat Real Cairns

Cairns keto diet and eating is made easy when you choose Eat Real Cairns. We prepare our meals fresh, so you can heat and eat at home; or freeze and reheat throughout the week. The principle factor in eating keto is to decrease your daily carb intake to below 50g per day. It’s a low carb, high fat diet which fuels your brain and your body.

We easily adapt our meals into keto, by making some simple substitutions, during planning and preparation. So, for example, we swap out rice for cauliflower rice. We choose low carb vegetables, swapping potatoes for pumpkin and including green vegetables, tomatoes and onions. Every one of our Cairns keto meals has a high protein content, which varies from grass-fed lean beef mince to chicken and pork. We use herbs and spices to punch up the flavour.

We only use extra virgin olive oil or coconut oil when cooking and incorporate a lot of healthy oils and fat, in the form of organic butter. Going keto doesn’t mean going hungry and it doesn’t mean compromising on flavour.

We change our Cairns keto meals and dining menu weekly, which keeps it fresh and interesting for you. All meals can be ordered online. They can be eaten on the day of pick-up or delivery, or frozen for eating later. Unless frozen, all meals should be consumed within 3-5 days of being made.

The Keto Philosophy The Bottom Line

Keto (also ketogenic) is a style of eating which is low in carbohydrates and high in natural fats. Its story began in the 1920s, when doctors discovered that low-carbohydrate diets encouraged patients’ bodies to use fat as a first line fuel. The original keto diet was born shortly after, designed for the treatment of epilepsy.

One hundred years later, the keto diet is renowned for its many health benefits and success in supporting those with diabetes, polycystic ovary syndrome and Alzheimer’s disease.

Many people also use the keto diet to assist with weight loss. How does it work? By reducing your carbohydrate intake, it transitions your body to burn stored body fat for fuel, resulting in a metabolic state known as ketosis. Elsa, the owner of Eat Real, makes her meals keto by substituting ingredients. She developed this technique while she was prepping for different sporting competitions, learning to make delicious food that sat within the strict guidelines of the keto diet.

There are many health benefits to eating Cairns keto food, and by choosing Eat Real as your supplier, there’s many community benefits too. You are supporting a local, family owned and operated business, which provides employment and training pathways for disabled youths and adults.

You Order

Extensive range of healthy, ready-made meals for you to choose from. Menu changes weekly to add diversity to your diet. Meals 350-600g.

We Cook

Fresh, natural ingredients prepared with a focus on flavor and taste. Processed free and frozen friendly. The right fuel for your body. Tastes as good as it looks.

You Receive

Meals are packed and ready for pick-up from our North Cairns Tigers kitchen every week, Wednesday, from 10am – 6pm. Delivery applies to orders over $70.

Heat & Eat

They’re cooked and ready to go, just heat and eat. Let us save you time and effort, by providing you our meals, that are real and at an affordable price.


"Amazing Food! Low Carb. Keto. Paleo."

Don McKay

"These guys are awesome! And their Food is even better!! I highly recommend to anyone wanting to eat healthier or living a supa busy lifestyle looking for Great - affordable very healthy scrumptious food."

Brett Capes

"These meals are fantastic. Thank you for making life that little bit easier for me. I'll definitely be purchasing more of these delicious meals!"

Sheree Smith

"Our first order last week and totally worth it! The pumpkin soup was to die for as was the pulled pork. Real food and Real yummy!"

Jenna Louise Fegatilli

"Literally writing this review as I am eating the "Beef Stroganoff" and OMG it's AMAZING. All of the meals are so full of flavour, very filling, AND my favourite part - I know they are nutritionally balanced and I am fueling my body with nothing but the best. I can't get over how delish EVERY meal is. Eat Real has made my life so much easier and taken the stress out of organising dinner every night. Thank- you girls!"

Lana Nadine Canute

"Thanks so much for the fabulous meals. They made living in a hotel SO MUCH EASIER, and HEALTHIER! Great flavours, varied menu, filling, and good customer service! !!!"

Tim Dunn

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