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The idea of blogging for me seems like a crazy idea. What? Me? What can l possibly say and how would I say it. My grammar isn’t the best at times and there are times when l have difficulty speaking English. So how did l end up deciding to do a blog (which l call more like sharing your experience) by a lot of you guys who have encouraged me to share my life journey from where l have started to where l am heading.

I guess the one thing l don’t really want out of this is to be praised or called superwoman or how amazing l am at what l am doing. I actually cringe when l hear this not because l live a double life and everything l say isn’t the truth but l am the way l am because of my life experience and being able to change my life greatly. There is so many thing l wanted to share and been the first blog (sharing experiences) l didn’t know which topic to pick or mention. Instead, l just thought maybe share my vision and my hopes for doing this and a little bit more about me.

Who am I? l am a 42yrs old mother with three girls one is 19yrs (yes an adult), my middle one is 8 yrs old, my youngest is 2yrs old who doesn’t sleep and to a very loving supportive husband who keeps us all sane and together, who now blames me for some of his grey hair. I was born in the Philippines to a filo mum and a Chinese/Spanish father who reminds me of Mr Miyagi from Karate Kid. Before coming to Australia l lived in PNG and went to a boarding school that was run back than by the American Nuns who loved their discipline and authority. I came to Australia in 1986 and struggled to fit into primary school because of cultural and language barriers. My school years wasn’t a memorable fun experience for me but it was a break from home life.

I left home when l started year 11 and supported myself through private school and business college while working every day after school at a local law firm followed by working at a restaurant every night as l had rent and living expenditure to pay. I left home 17yrs old knowing that l was truly on my own and at first been quite scary but found great freedom that l haven’t felt before. My first recollection with having an unhealthy relationship with food is at the age of 6 in year 1. This has lead me to almost 25 years of struggling with my weight and body image. I finally realise that what you put in your mouth can have an effect on you whether it be physical, mental and the good and the not so good. Its only when l really hit my 30’s l lost a lot of weight and kept it off. Not going to lie l continued to still struggle with my body image but over the years and just recently changed in how l see myself.

I have been a single young mum that had to do the whole pregnancy on her own and l have also been blessed at getting married and having another child in a loving stable environment.  l have lived in the big city and really experience being young and free, l took a lot of risks and jump with both feet at everything l have encountered. Olympic lifting, cross-fit, Muay Thai, body movement, Zumba or simply running, I really enjoyed and love training. It’s one of my form of stress relief. Some would say l am crazy, energetic, full-on, kind, honest, compassion, blunt, competitive but most of all genuine & loving but l say l am all this because of what l have been through and the lesson learnt.

I wanted to create a space, time and thoughts to anyone who reads any of my blogs. I wanted to speak of things that are not mentioned or spoken of freely in every aspect of health which is really a big major part of our daily life. From mental health which is such a broad subject from anxiety to how we view and react to our eating behaviour or patterns, our kids, parenting, training to also having other people share their experience in this space. I am not an expert of anything but l have been through a lot that l could honestly say yes “been there, tried that, know that feeling and going through it”.

My hope is that by reading my blog and sharing your experience that we can live life more abundantly and also honestly. That we may learn more from each other and that we are also able to connect and not feel so alone in our journey. May we feel more accepted and hopeful of all the things to come. Thank you for allowing me to be part of that and look forward to sharing more with you all.

– Elsa Comino, Eat Real Founder


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