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I actually wanted to introduce to everyone our other business we have been quietly working on.

This was an accidental Business that took some convincing for Theo to jump on board. All l can say that it has been life-transforming and as crazy as it sounds it has enabled our hearts (Eat Real crew and my own family) capacity to just grow and give more than we can imagine.

But before l do that (will post later) l really need to express my gratitude and my thankfulness to one amazing lady who has been by my side through it all.

We are also excited to announce that after a long hard battle she is now on Permanent Residence. While l was supporting our young people with disability l was also fighting to keep Irene here. Even when it seems impossible l never gave up even working 2-3 other jobs 80hr weeks just to keep everyone employed and keep the shop just above waters. After 7 years, sleepless night, daily tears and weeks on even months l didn’t get a break or day off l can say it has been worth it.

This amazing person is Irene who was even told that she was not good enough/ smart enough or that she didn’t have the ability to run a business properly has proved that it’s doesn’t matter what experience you have or talent what matters the most is that your WILLING and not afraid to jump to any challenges because this is where the growth and character building begins.

I have known her personally for 20 yrs working with me in a Chinese restaurant to now helping run an amazing business. I consider her like a sister an Aunty to my girls and a great boss to all our staff and to our Eat Real family. Thank you Irene for loving my business as your own, for standing by me when l wanted to throw it in and if it wasn’t for your willingness, dedication and believing in my crazy out of the world vision of Eat Real l wouldn’t be able to do what l do and that is to ‘Create an opportunity for change”.

We love you and appreciate all you do….
-Eat Real Family

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