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“I first met Elsa from “Eat Real” while training Muay Thai and fitness at Destination Fitness in Cairns. She was the fittest person in the gym; absolutely dedicated to her training and passionate about eating properly.

I have been buying her pre packaged Paleo meals for about 3 years. And since she opened the Eat Real Café I regularly eat there for lunch.  As a person who trains every day and usually intense sessions I need to fuel my body well and Elsa caters for all my allergies (Gluten, Dairy etc).

If I have a meeting with a client or need to chat to my coach about training we usually do it at the Eat Real Café. I even take my 83 year old Mum out there for lunch sometimes.  These days my wife and I are training for Triathlons so are doing a lot of hours Swimming, Cycling and Running so there is nothing better than coming home to an “Elsa meal” (as we affectionately call them) and no prep or cooking time. Without Elsa’s meals I doubt we would be able to put the hours in that we do.

As an entertainer I’m often working odd hours as well so it’s really great to just eat a healthy meal when I need to and there’s no pressure on my wife to cook (because I’m a really lousy cook- lol).

I think we are so privileged in Cairns to have a team like Eat Real that really believe in making food that is good for athletes and the general public to consume and at really good prices.”

About Russell

Russell is a sought after live performer for Corporate Events, Weddings, Birthday parties and public performances. He works either Solo or up to 10 piece band, as a Guitarist/Singer/Trumpet/Flugelhorn Player.  He has 3 CD’s  published and many guest appearances on other artists’ CD’s.  If you would like to find out more about booking Russell for a performance or following him on social media – here are his contact details:

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