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Eat Real consumer, avid gym participant, aspiring body builder & challenged with a progressive physical disability.

About my Disability:

My name is Sarah Skelton. I have Friedreich Ataxia. F.A., a rare neuromuscular condition. It affects my mobility, co-ordination & speech. I have been in a wheelchair for more than 10 years now. I am 1 in 50,000 people worldwide with the condition. In pharmaceutical terms there is no treatment or cure to date, however clinical trials are looking promising. In 2008 at the age of 30 I came to a crossroads, either let F.A. & its limitations consume me or completely change my way of thinking, eating & exercise. I began hydro-therapy initially with a physiotherapist once per week and daily home exercises, then Leisure Connections were able to provide support for me twice a week for hydro 6 months later. Luckily my mindset is strong and had the support of my husband Malcolm, our two boys & many friends because the physiotherapist said I was a lost cause. It made me even more determined to prove her wrong!

My Training / Achievements:

Elsa Comino began supporting me through Leisure Connections in mid 2010 for hydrotherapy & a little over a year later we began a gym program which Elsa custom designed for my individual needs. I wanted to improve my strength, balance, co-ordination & generally improve my health. In February 2011 Mal & I purchased a custom-made hand cycle from the United States, it arrived in May 2011. So Elsa supported me in this activity also along with other support staff. I set-up an everyday heroes account in September 2011, the event was “Sarah 4 FARA” (Friedreich Ataxia Research Assoc). With this event, I hand cycled 30kms along the Cairns Esplanade with support crew bike/run/jog. I also participated in another hand cycle event in June 2014 with my friend Terry also with FA, along the esplanade to raise money for FARA. I am proud to say we raised $3800.00

My Eating Plan – Eat Real Cairns:

Last but not least I have been eating Eat Real meals for 18 months now and am feeling great. I really enjoy the variety of all their meals, the different categories Simply Asian, Weekly Special, Curry & Salad, especially the Complete Meals. To date my favourite meal has been the Yellow Fish Curry. Yummo!

My father-in-law John Skelton sums things up …

if determination and attitude could be bottled, it would be a preserve for the top shelf of inspiration..

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