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“I use Eat Real EVERY fortnight for many reasons. Most importantly, is the quality of the food they supply. It is consistently VERY good. The flavours, quality ingredients, and taste are always of a high standard. The great thing is they are healthy. Eating paleo inspired meals is a very healthy option & the Eat Real team’s menu is primarily paleo. The other things I like about using Eat Real is that their fortnightly menu is always varied. I am spoilt for choice. I have been ordering for several years now, and they always get my orders right & they are always delivered on time. 10 out of 10 for service which is a big tick for me. Another positive is that all meals are able to be frozen & then heated up in a microwave. This works well for me & I don’t know how they do it but when the meal is microwaved nothing comes out over cooked. Very clever. I can’t recommend Eat Real highly enough. They have made my life so much easier by allowing myself a few nights a week off from cooking. Thank you Eat Real.”

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