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There are many times l feel that l am no where near to why l created Eat Real. For me it was never about making the money because when you are finally in the business we all know this is short lived.  The reality of a lot of business owners know to well of the sacrifice we go through. Our limited time to our family, our time, energy but also our own finance. Last night l had a really long chat to Eva about the vision for Eat Real and l was feeling sorry for my exhausted self and poured my heart out. Thank you sis for just listening. I hanged up the phone clearly seeing my vision is becoming more to life even though l can’t physically see it.  Today l saw this evidence, as you know we are working along side with Trinity Bay High Special Ed. We have Leslie who is deaf who volunteers one day a week to work with us. l have seen the changes with her the last month, 1st day walking and very shy reserved young lady to now looking at us smiling and signing and confident.  Today I taught Leslie to make coffee l loved signing to her even though limited we understood each other. We had a few customer sign to her also what coffee they wanted and this blew Leslie away.  To see her face light up and confidently sign back just made me realise that even though this is a small step this where it starts. I am really excited to what Eva and l are planning and will announce shortly of our other project that is in the pipeline.  This is such a unique model of business it will impact everyone no one will be excluded. Thank you Eva who really really listen to my dreams who sees the possibly and not the impossible… Elsa x

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